The portrait

Project 1 – Activity, depth and distance

Exercise 2.1

For this exercise we had to research the work of Karl Blossfeldt. I found his work fascinating; the beauty and symmetry from ‘everyday’ plants, seeds and weeds. I love the way that some of the images take your imagination away from what the object actually is.

I went to the park at the back of my house to gather different weeds/plants. Lots of the plants were dying due to the time of the year, which I thought was great. It wasn’t in keeping with Blossfeldt’s work but I didn’t have the time to search for perfect symmetrical leaves. I liked the fact they were dying because I though they made them more visually interesting and less cliché.

I used the same technique of Bloomfeldt of holding the plants far enough away from the background to eliminate any shadows. In Lightroom I was able to play around with exposure and contrast to ensure the background was totally white.

I chose to show black and white, as well as colour, as I fee the images look a little more abstract, which I like.


Black and White



Overall I’m really pleased with how they look, especially the plant that is obviously diseased. I also like the way that the light has hit different plants of the leaves in different ways.

Exercise 2.2 – People and activity

For this next exercise we had to choose an activity which involved people. Once again I chose a subject with an emotional connection.

I own and run a care company, providing independent living support for adults with disabilities. Our main client group are high functioning young adults..

Every Tuesday one of my team organises ‘The Hub’. At the hub the guys have different activities put on, mainly around independent living skills, but also just to have fun! On the Tuesday I went they were doing meditation and pumpkin carving.

I explored the photographer’s referenced in the manual. I guessed what I chose as my activity would help dictate what style I went for. It felt right to concentrate on the works of Tish Murtha. I liked her style. and humour in her work. It told a story of what times were like back then.

Despite not growing up in the type of conditions she documents in her work, I felt a sense of connection from when I was growing up…roaming the streets, exploring the area where I has brought up, meeting up with other kids, getting up to mischief etc.

My photo’s are only like Tish’s work in their candid style and that they are black and white. I had no landscapes to set the photos against.



Below are photos of the people who we support and of the staff.

*I have gained consent off all to publish photos on this site.

I went for the candid style.

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